YSAJ : The Workshop

It’s finally here! The first ever YSAJ: The Workshop just for you! Not stylists, not even in a salon, a workshop for you, the girl who’s hair routine is on autopilot.

YSAJ : The Workshop is a two hour event with all the mimosas and bobby pins you can handle. Grab your best girls and get hands on help and step by step demonstration! In this first Workshop we’ll be covering how to curl with a flat iron, how to beach wave with a flat iron, an easy date night updo, and one of my favorite fishtail cheats!

A girl’s day isn’t complete without shopping, so we’ll have amazing apparel and accessories from Bonnie & Clyde for purchase, along with plenty of my favorite yoga gear from ALO.

You know I wouldn’t let you leave empty handed! So get excited for some juicy gift bags to take home too!

All you need to bring to the event is a 1″ flat iron and clean dry hair, I’ll have the rest!


Can’t wait to play with you!



Paleo Pancakes!

Paleo Pancakes

Happy Friday! I hope you have exciting weekend plans! If you don’t already, now you do. Enter: Paleo Pancakes.

Whether you’re paleo, gluten free, vegetarian or whatever, these pancakes will fit into your healthy lifestyle wonderfully. I swear I would choose these of regular pancakes any day. They’re more moist than most pancakes, flip easier, store well and fill me up! This recipe will make enough for 4 people, or 3 really really hungry people. I shared with my next door neighbor, and froze the rest.


Begin by adding all six eggs, three bananas, and 1/2 cup of coconut flour to your blender. (If you are ready to up your blender game, this guy will change your life.) You can also add a spoonful of almond butter if you’re into almond butter. Who isn’t into almond butter?

Once the batter is blended smooth, heat a skillet with medium heat. Brush on some coconut oil, and get to pouring! I let these hang out for about two minutes on each side. Slow and steady wins the race, if your cakes are above golden brown, turn down the heat.


Let me know if you try them and love them!


YSAJ : The Workshop

Update & Giveaway!

Beauty Box Giveaway

Well to say it’s been a while since my last blog post would be stating the obvious. I miss you guys!!

June and July kicked my butt! I had six weddings in June alone, and worked overtime in the salon, traveled to see Sammy, and the blog just naturally fell to the back burner.

As I gear up for August, I’m implementing healthy changes. I’m excited to say that I will no longer be working more than 40 hours in the salon. Between weddings and the salon, I have been logging in 60-80 hours a week, and though I LOVE my job, with it comes physical stress. That physical stress has left me waking up in tears from joint pain, and with little to no time left over to fit in exercise.

It’s time to make myself a priority. I don’t want to get burnt out, I want to work as long as it makes me happy, and I doubt that time will ever run out, IF I take care of myself.

One of the blogging perks, that hasn’t slowed down even though I haven’t been posting, is smell-good-snail-mail! I am blown away by the generosity of the beauty industry! I’ve finally taken the time to try out a bajillion products, and would love to share what I think of them with you! But first, I’d love to give you some to try yourself!

I’m psyched for this Beauty Box Giveaway! In it one lucky lady will receive:

  • Color WOW Shampoo and Conditioner (HOW have I never tried these products before. Just wait ’til I share they’re Root Cover Up with you!)
  • Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel AND Environmental Rescue Mask (The best face mask I’ve ever used. Period.)
  • Muk Argan Oil Shine Spray (Fancy!)
  • Murad Refreshing Cleanser (I’m jealous of whoever wins this.)
  • Soften Her Exfoliating Pads (Ingrown hair – beware. These lady exfoliant pads are magic.)
  • Aveda Energizing Body Cleanser and Volumizing Tonic (Lovely little travel buddies.)
  • Crest 3D Whitening Mouthwash (Fresh breath AND whitening. Double. Whammy.)

Stay tuned for my full reviews and tutorials coming soon!

You have until Friday at 9am to enter the giveaway! To win, you must leave a comment below with your Instagram handle, and follow @YourStylistAJ on Instagram. The winner of this $250 value Beauty Box will be announced and shipped on Friday!


Independence Day

American Flag Scarf

American Flag


I hope you have the most amazing holiday weekend full of SPF, fireworks and time with people who make you laugh ’til you cry!

I’m headed to the family lake house to do just that!


Photos by Stoffer Photography

LOFT Rompers

LOFT Rompers

To throw over a bathing suit, wear to a shower, grocery shop or eat on a patio… rompers are such a versatile and comply summer staple.

I’m in love with all the romps over at LOFT. So many to choose from!


Life Update and WWW Findings

Your Stylist AJ

Lately has been crazy! I’ve been traveling for weddings and Sammytime, slammed at the salon, and have had two weddings almost every weekend! I’m SO happy because Sammy’s in town for a few days for the Nationals @ Cubs series, and I have two beauuuutiful brides this weekend. Life is good.

I’ve had braces for about a month now, which you’ve spotted if you follow me on Instagram. It has been a challenge feeling hot, eating, talking, kissing… basically I’m being an even bigger diva about them than I thought possible. But it’ll be worth it right?

How is the 4th of July already next week? I can’t wait for some family time at our lake house in Northern Michigan! Sunblock, ice cream, long walks, chats with Grandpa, snuggles with Grandma. Yes.

My FAVE local band is on iTunes now!

This looks like an amazing experience.

This is seriously me before I knock on a bride’s hotel room door.

A sweet cuff for you or a friend.

LOVE this cover.

Literally shaking my head.

We should try this!


I finally bought this bathing suit!

My face when someone I follow pins a REAL ugly updo.

The temp tats you need for summer!

The perfect from day to night lip creation!

So pretty. Must try.



Knot Bun // Hair Tutorial

I love a polished, classic style… but I love a perfectly imperfect look even more.

Enter the Knot Bun. This look is fun with a little black dress, or a tank and cutoffs. You decide which fits you best!

Knot Bun Hair Tutorial

To get the look, follow these simple steps!

1-2. Divide your hair into two sections that resemble pigtails, then tie them in a knot.

3. Below the knot, tie a clear elastic around the ponytails left out.

4. Below the clear elastic, tie another know.

5. Below the second knot, tie a clear elastic around the ponytails left out. (If you have shorter hair, this look can be done with only one knot, if your hair is especially long, you might need three knots!)

6. Roll the knots upward and pin into place, leaving the “tails” out.

7-8. Tug at the crown and loosen the look a bit.

Complete the look with hairspray. Pictured here is Aveda Witch Hazel which I love for a light hold.

If you try this look, please post and use the hashtags #YSAJtutorial so I can see your masterpiece!!


Photos by Stoffer Photography

When in doubt, be both sincere and fashionable.

Your Stylist AJ

Your Stylist AJ

AJ Schulz

I get so many requests for outfit posts, so I figured it was time to start listening! Click below to be directed to each item.

HAT // TANK (sold out, similar here) // BLAZER // DENIM (on sale!)// SHOES (sold out, similar here)


Photos by Stoffer Photography

Arugula and Sweet Potato Salad

It’s that time of year! Time for fresh foods and lots of green! I try to maintain that mentality all year, but this winter was enough to drive any girl deep into a bowl of mac ‘n cheese.

This salad is one of my favorites! Lots of ladies is my family make it, but this is my twist on a fresh yet filling ensalada!



  • Baby Spinach
  • Baby Arugula
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Roasted Sunflower Seeds
  • Craisins
  • Lemon
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Parmesan (OPTIONAL)

Now, here’s the tricky part. I decided not to give you any measurements here. How dare I right?!

The “correct” way to make this is to go for a 1:1 ratio of greens and sweet potatoes. That version is SO good, but I’m working hard in the gym and in the kitchen to be smart and control my portions, and though sweet potatoes are good, good for you, AND paleo, there’re still higher in calories than say, arugula. So in these photos, I used two sweet potatoes for a big bowl of greens. It’s enough that you can get a sweet potato cube into every bite, but that you still feel like you’re being true to the word “salad”.

Arugula & Sweet Potato Salad
1.Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2. Peel and cube sweet potatoes.

3.Toss cubes in olive oil on a baking sheet. Place in oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, place under broil until the edges begin to brown.

Arugula & Sweet Potato Salad

4. Add as many sunflower seeds and cranberries as you prefer

Arugula & Sweet Potato Salad

5. Next mix fresh lemon juice and olive oil. I like a 2:1 ratio here, with two parts lemon to one part olive oil. Also, add salt and pepper to this if you prefer!

Arugula & Sweet Potato Salad

6.  Once browned, add your sweet potatoes to the salad! Next, pour over your dressing mixture.

Arugula & Sweet Potato Salad

7. I love to top this off with a little bit of fresh parm. If you’re really behaving, you can absolutely skip it!

Arugula & Sweet Potato Salad


Arugula & Sweet Potato Salad

If y’all try it let me know in the comments below! AND if you’d like to see more healthy recipes, I’d love that feedback from you as well!